Sport Car Hexagon

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How To Play: Sport Car Hexagon

Using Mouse

About Sport Car Hexagon

Sport Car Hexagon is a fast and dynamic game which combines racing, construction, strategy and arcade elements. You need to construct the track as you drive your car. In order to do this you will need to place different hexagonal blocks and connect them by using the same color road in order for your car to stay on the track. There are various design options so you can create different tracks and make them unique for every race. Besides driving, you can also build a track for other players and try to beat their best time or even challenge them in some races. Build tracks with hexagonal blocks to control your cars. Use arrow keys to move left/right or accelerate/decelerate. Use key D to place another block next door or use space bar to remove an existing one from the current location. 

 You have the chance to create your car and then drive it on different roads, while trying to reach the finish line in front of other players. Construct 3™ games are inspired by racing and arcade games. We try to deliver the best gaming experience possible and are constantly working on new features that will keep you coming back for more. Construct 3 Games follows a clean and intuitive design philosophy with an easy-to-use controls system. We aim for a high level of accessibility for all gamers, regardless of their experience or computer specifications. 

This Sport Car Hexagon is a racing game. Race as fast as possible through different tracks to become the champion of the circuit! Control your car with arrow keys and space to accelerate, S to use the nitro, and D to change lanes. Use WASD or click on left side of screen to control your car. Keep an eye on your horsepower and traction with the T key along with the other management keys (U,I,O). Adjust those settings wisely so you can deal with every track ahead. 

Hexagon is a Multiplayer Construct-Race-Advance racing a 3D car racing simulator with Hexagonal track, where you can create your own tracks with the help of the in-game editor. You can play this game alone or with your friends!