Grass Cutting Puzzle

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How To Play: Grass Cutting Puzzle

Using Mouse

About Grass Cutting Puzzle

In the Grass Cutting Puzzle, players must navigate a lawn mower through a grid of grass and other obstacles, such as rocks and flowers, to cut all the grass in the level. Each level presents a new challenge, as the player must find the optimal path to cut all the grass without getting stuck or running out of fuel.

The game features over 200 levels, each with its own unique layout and set of challenges. The game also includes power-ups, such as fuel refills and time bonuses, to help the player overcome obstacles and complete levels.

"Grass Cutting Puzzle" has received generally positive reviews from both players and critics for its challenging and addictive gameplay, as well as its charming graphics and sound effects.

Grass Cutting Puzzle - manage your garden with a fully functional grass cutter. Grow flowers in your virtual garden. Enjoy a realistic grass-cutting experience with special tools. Move your finger to cut the grass, and grow flowers. You need to control the grass cutter machine and cut the grass from