Captain Gold

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How To Play: Captain Gold

Using Mouse

About Captain Gold

Captain Gold is a hyper-casual game that comes with an adventure theme. In this game, the player needs to help Captain, the game character, in smashing and collecting gold and other stones. 

In this enjoyable and compulsive skill game, your single objective is to gather all of the gems, diamonds, and other treasures. We'll forgo the conventional mining methods here, and try something else! Several diamonds and pebbles will start spinning on the screen when you initially start the game. To gather them, you ought to hurl a pickaxe at them. As you gather them, you will have a few pebbles and diamonds. Because they are tougher to strike and you have fewer moves available, this makes things more challenging. The number of moves you have is shown in the upper left corner of the screen. But don't worry about it! As you gather gems, the pickaxe meter at the bottom of the screen will fill. Once it is filled, you will get another move. To go on to the following stage, eliminate all of the gems and stones from the screen.