Challenge the Runners

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How To Play: Challenge the Runners

Using Mouse

About Challenge the Runners

 The Challenge the Runners is an addicting, challenging and fun online multiplayer runner game for two players! Are you ready for this? Your mission in this epic Runner adventure is to run as far as you can without falling down. But be careful, the longer you run the more difficult it gets. You have to avoid obstacles and keep running fast if you want to finish this epic race in one go. When the timer reaches zero you lose the game. Run, jump and avoid obstacles on your way through hidden temples, ancient forests or mysterious zoos. Collect coins and unlock new characters that will help you with increasing your score. See how far you can run without falling down in this challenging runner game for kids! ENDLESS RUNNER CHALLENGE - The Runners is an endless runner type of gaming where there are no levels, just endless gameplay until you die! It's easy to play but hard to master! 

This time there will be more to it than just chasing the Leaderboard. In order to beat the Leaderboards, you will have to plan your runs wisely and keep yourself safe from harm. Here’s what we have in store for you: -New Challenges: The New Runner Challenge will now exist as a separate game mode in Runners World. The new Challenge is quite simple: It’s a race against time! Within a time limit of 45 seconds, you and your teammates will have to run as far as possible. The team that runs the furthest wins! You might think that this is too easy, but wait until you see how many people are willing to try their luck at this new Challenge. If enough players accept the challenge, we can expect new and exciting content coming soon! -New Characters: We also have some brand new characters joining Runners World with an objective to make things interesting for them. 

Challenge the Runners is a simple and challenging game that can be played by everyone. Challenge your friends and play with them to see who can finish the course in the shortest time. Let’s run! Remember to keep an eye on your stamina as you run because it will eventually run out and then you will need to slow down or even stop. Keep an eye out for any obstacles along the way such as fences, holes and trees. Try to anticipate what they are going to do before they do it so you have more time to react. If you are playing this game with a friend, it may be a good idea for one of you take on the role of runner and the other of explorer at first. 

The challenge is set by one of CrankCo’s top researchers and his assistant. They have devised several puzzles for runners to solve… but first they must endure a series of tests in order to prove their mettle as a runner. Our researchers will also be testing them on their running skills so make sure you’re ready. 

If you are a fan of running games then this game is just for you. In this game, you will play as a runner and your main objective is to run as far as possible without falling. It sounds easy right? Well, it is not that easy but if you have the best running shoes then it might be easier.