Fall of Guyz Rocket Hero

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How To Play: Fall of Guyz Rocket Hero

Instruction Instructions: Use the mouse to aim and shoot by calculating the angle or touch the screen on mobile devices.

About Fall of Guyz Rocket Hero

Guyz,a young man who is obsessed with crafting and building things. He loves to explore, discover, experiment and build machines and structures of his own design. One day he stumbled upon a small remote village with no electricity or modern amenities yet the people there were so happy. Could it be this place had something special? Guyz decided to investigate further and after much trial and error he ended up befriending the local blacksmith and started helping him in fixing old machinery so that they could create new items for sale. Soon enough Guyz’s hobby turned into a small business. After buying better materials, holing in at night for hours of meticulous work in order to finish an item before it was time to sell again and make more profits, Guyz began selling more than just handcrafted items! He started making games! Games based on the people he met and their lovely little town. Games that taught them new things but also reminded them of simpler times. Games

The game is super fun, the best of its genre with beautiful graphics and great sound effects. The concept is also very interesting and it will keep you hooked till the end. But unfortunately, this game has a lot of bugs that make it pretty much unplayable. - Inconsistent collision detection makes most levels unplayable since normal jumping/walking becomes impossible due to invisible walls or floor that destroy you when you walk into them - You can't leave the starting area (which means if you run out of lives or get stuck, there’s no way to get back to the main campaign) - Sometimes your character gets stuck inside the rocket that prevents you from shooting at enemies and getting hurt - Sometimes your rocket doesn’t explode on landing causing you to fail a level because there are no checkpoints for failed

Guyz Rock is a casual action game that is designed for both Android and iOS phones. In this game players will play as the Hero of Rocket and try to escape from the scary Tower. The Levels in this Game are constructed along with some puzzles and riddles. Thus, to clear these levels players have to follow the instructions provided in the Game. Each Level has its own unique design which makes it more challenging. There is no specific strategy or algorithm that can be followed to ace the level. Instead, one needs to think smartly and explore all possible ways of completing the level within a given time limit without getting trapped by any traps or enemies. Hence, if you are ready for an awesome challenge then start playing this Game right

Guyz rocket hero, a casual action and clicker game with beautiful your own Guyz Rocket Hero bot in this action packed adventure. Aim for the target, upgrade your gear and defeat all of your enemies to become the hero! - Action game with simple controls. - Match 3 elements to upgrade your character - Defeat enemies while avoiding obstacles and traps - Explore multiple levels in each planet. - Complete missions, unlock new characters and discover secrets within each level. - Over 60 different upgrades that help you achieve victory and survive longer in the battle

Guyz is a 2D action Tower Defence Game. The player commands a group of heroes and must fight waves of enemies. The player has to protect the heroes from enemy attacks and set up towers in strategic locations to kill them. You can also upgrade your heroes with new equipment, spells and abilities to make them