Xmas War Multiplayer

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How To Play: Xmas War Multiplayer

Using Mouse

About Xmas War Multiplayer

The holiday season is a great time to get into competitive multiplayer games. Christmas wars are essentially competitive multiplayer games with a twist. Instead of fighting against opponents from the same school or other teams, you fight against members of the opposite team- Santa's Little Helpers and naughty children's reindeer alike. If you love competitive multiplayer games that feature elves, Frostycoast vs. Reindeer Games is the game for you. The catch? It's only available for one week during the holidays. 

Xmas War Multiplayer is a Multiplayer Online shooting game. In this multiplayer online shooting game, you can battle against up to 4 players either online or local. It is developed by GameDeals and it’s a free to play game. The last Christmas War was an exciting event, filled with joy and happiness.