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How To Play: JustFall.LOL

Controls Move: WASD or arrow keys Jump: spacebar Dive: shift or right mouse button

About JustFall.LOL

JustFall.LOL is a chaotic and wacky multiplayer platformer with a twist. Players take control of a group of penguins and must keep them from falling off the edge of the iceberg by jumping from ledge to ledge. But be careful! If your friends fall off, you'll have to catch them with a well-timed jump before they plummet into the freezing waters below. With up to 4 players at once, it's an arcade experience like no other. 

JustFall.LOL is a collaborative multiplayer arcade platform game where players must guide a penguin through a series of platforms and obstacles. The game can be played either 1 vs. 3 or 3 vs. 3, each team taking control of their own set of penguins. 

New Year, New Game! Jumping Penguin is another new and exciting multiplayer game that you can play with friends. You'll be one of many penguins trying to climb to the top of a tower as fast as possible.