ROD Multiplayer Car Driving

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How To Play: ROD Multiplayer Car Driving

Using Mouse

About ROD Multiplayer Car Driving

If you love driving games then this is the right place for you! Drive your car in a real-life racing environment. You can compete against other players or partner with an AI controlled driver to take on a challenging race. Choose from a variety of different cars and drive through challenging environments. Use the arrows on your keyboard to drive and RS buttons to brake, steerspin and Accelerate. 

The ultimate racing ROD Multiplayer Car Driving experience. Drive real cars in a virtual world. Get involved in massive online race series with hundreds of players from all over the world. Build your car collection, practice at your favorite tracks and enter real life races. 

Are you a skilled car driver ready to show the world what you’ve got? Are you the king of the road? Then good luck to you, because in this online racing game you will become the king of the road! Drive as fast as you can through various courses and show all other drivers who is the Fastest.