Ragdoll Fighter

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How To Play: Ragdoll Fighter

Instruction For PC : W,A,S,D or Arrow keys and Mouse, For mobile : Touch controls and on-screen buttons

About Ragdoll Fighter

The game of stickman is simple: you’re a human rappelling down multiple platforms at the same time, collecting stars while dodging obstacles and enemies. Sounds easy, right? Well, it’s probably not as simple as it sounds. Each platform has an opponent that must be defeated in order to claim the space for your team. If they touch you, you’ll take damage and may land on another platform. If they destroy one of your platforms, you will lose a life and have to start the level over again. This makes for a strategic challenge that requires every ounce of concentration and strategy. If you get trapped on one side or the other of a gap between two levels, it can quickly become impossible to escape from below. 

This is the ultimate Ragdoll Fighter game with a twist! Fight through an arena of increasingly difficult opponents, each with their own unique ability and weapon combination. The goal is simple: destroy as many opponent sticks as possible. But that’s just the tip of the ice – there are also unlockable cards to boost your offensive and defensive statistics, extra arenas to explore and secret weapon upgrade paths to discover. The possibilities are endless with