No One Escape

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How To Play: No One Escape

Using Mouse

About No One Escape

You are a boy who lives in an apartment. You have no one to play with but your cat. One day, you discover an arcade next to your building. The arcade has video No One Escape that you can play by yourself or with your friends. But the games are so much fun that you want to play them every chance you get! It’s not just any game arcades though… these arcades sell the most addictive time-waster apps for real life cheddar coins! How much do you desire to be the first player to exit each game? What time is best for playing these time-waster apps? And which time-waster app is the best? 

The evil alien has invaded Earth and kidnapped our leader, Kid X, and taken him to the top of his secret spaceship base! Kid X is your main character who must find a way back to Earth, defeat and save the world from his evil space empire — The Zeroverse! 

The final levels are just around the corner in this epic time management game! Guide the players through 54 challenging levels based on famous locations from history, literature and current affairs. Can you top these previous record-breaking attempts?