Lost In The Maze

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How To Play: Lost In The Maze

Using Mouse

About Lost In The Maze

In Lost In The Maze game, you explore a mysterious maze filled with dangers and challenging puzzles. As a runner, you have to run through the maze and collect as many gems as possible. However, it won’t be easy as there are various obstacles that will stand in your way. You need to avoid holes, pits, and other pitfalls while keeping an eye out for gold and red gems. 

Lost in the Maze is a 3D Endless Running game with a challenging difficulty. Your task is to explore the mazes and find the exit. Sounds easy, right? Well, not You see, with every level you complete there will be more obstacles and dangers waiting for you. 

Are you ready for an exciting journey into a magical world? If so, then you should start playing this game immediately. In Lost In The Maze you will become a brave explorer who sets out on an expedition to explore a mysterious and dangerous labyrinth. Your task is to find treasures hidden in the labyrinth and get out of there as soon as possible. 

You have lost your way in the maze and need to find the exit as soon as possible. You are running forward through the labyrinth and you have to collect all the diamonds on your way to keep your score high. If you run out of stamina, you will be able to continue again from a checkpoint. 

Lost in the Maze is a fast-paced 3D runner game with an old school feel. You need to navigate the hero through an endless maze of corridors, avoid traps, and collect as many coins as possible. If you get caught or hit by one of the traps 18 times, you have to start all over again from the beginning.