Build With Buddies

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How To Play: Build With Buddies

Using Mouse

About Build With Buddies

Building – The world’s most popular competitive strategy game has been recreated in real time with Adventure Time! Build With Buddies is a social, multiplayer building management game about friendship and the power of communal creative expression. You and your friends take on the role of a BUNGALOW DESIGNER —ubeans, buns, bananafonts and other pastries you recognize—and your job is to fill your intergalactic bungalow with furniture that fits the personality of the person moving in. Build With Buddains is a fast-paced social construction management game set in the Land of Ooo. 

It’s build time! The final stage of the game is almost here, and you can start working on your amazing … But what if you’re not alone? What if there are people playing this game with you? What if they are also trying to build their awesome houses as fast as possible? Think co-operative multiplayer in a building game. Sounds crazy, right? Well, it’s real and it’s called BarnBlaze!