Among Stacky Runner

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How To Play: Among Stacky Runner

Key Features Use the mouse to move and touch screen controls on mobile devices. Instruction Use blocks to pass obstacles.

About Among Stacky Runner

Among The Stacks is a fast paced arcade game for boys and girls, in which you have to run and jump between bookshelves as they fall down. You can play as one of four characters: Stickman, Bookworm, Lender or Reader Girl. Every character has its own unique powers that will help him get further in the game. In the beginning, you will only be able to play with Stickman. But once you win some levels with him, you can unlock the other characters. 

Among Stacky Runner is another simple yet highly addictive arcade game with a concept not so far removed from one of the oldest video games ever made. You play as a stick figure that runs continuously in one direction, while avoiding obstacles and leaping over gaps in the road. The longer you keep running without meeting your death, the higher your score, and the more likely you are to continue playing until you meet your untimely end.

Once the world was destroyed by evil forces. Now you are the only survivor of this planet, and you can restore peace by running through all dangerous locations, jumping and dodging from one place to another. You will have to run for your life because those monsters want to eat you up! 

Among Stacky Runner is a new and exciting arcade game which is similar to the well-known stacking game. Instead of arranging different blocks, you run through different mazes and try to avoid falling off the edge. The controls feel quite easy at first, but it gets challenging as you play. 

Are you ready to become the best Stickman Stacky Runner in the world? In this game, you will run and jump over the obstacles. Be careful! If you hit one of them, it’s game over! If you love fast-paced games, this one is for you.