Subway Clash 2

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How To Play: Subway Clash 2

Using Mouse

About Subway Clash 2

Subway Clash 2 is a fast-paced, 3DTom Clancy inspired action game with simple and intuitive controls. It features thrilling gunfights with various enemies across 3 levels. The player takes control of an undercover agent who fights crime in New York City by infiltrating criminal organizations and their leaders. Each level has its own set of objectives and contains hidden areas that the player must pass through to reach the end. You will need to use your stealth skills to avoid getting spotted while using your firepower to take out enemies and bosses. There are also branching paths that lead to new locations, which makes each play-through unique. 

There will be a subway Clash 2 if you’re reading this! And we’re bringing it to you in all its glory. Play as either the good guys or the bad guys in this high-action, third-person shooter game. Choose your side and fight to protect or uncover New York City from an onslaught of demons bent on destroying it. You only have a limited amount of time to take action before the demon horde is unleashed on the city. But which side are you on? Fight for justice by becoming a subway detective, scouring each station for clues about the mysterious disappearances.

The Subway Clash 2 is a shooting, action game where you have to shoot your way through a subway train filled with other subway trains. Use the mouse to aim and shoot. If you hit the right target, you’ll destroy the train and clear the board! This is a 2D side-scrolling arcade game that comes with online multiplayer capabilities. You can play against other players or go it alone in single player mode. The game itself requires relatively little skill: just point and shoot.