Stack Rider

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How To Play: Stack Rider

Using Mouse

About Stack Rider

Assemble a team of four pyromaniacs, each with their own tower defense machine and fight to the finish. The more pyromaniacs you have on a given level, the better your strategy is likely to be. You can build towers of fire and freeze enemies with flames or shoot them with lasers. Your aim is probably good enough to qualify as “strategist”, but what else do you know? This game has got everything! There are no set play requirements (apart from being able to understand how it works), so this game is for everyone! It offers a variety of different games modes not available in many other games, such as Endless (20 levels), Survival (10 levels) or Hard Mode (10 levels). The game also comes with several helpful tips that will help you improve your strategy, such as using hidden pipes to block off paths or using destructible walls to make guarding objectives more difficult. 

Stack Rider Game In this virtual racing game you take a ride on the back of an Eggman-like egg! You take turns driving the Eggman car and hitting the pedals. The faster you go, the more points you will get! Hitting the brakes can make your racer spin out of control and result in you crashing into walls. At any moment you can try to outrace your pursuers by traveling down a long stretch of road or over a hill. However, be careful, as if you are caught between two cars, one is going to pick you up first! A side-scrolling environment makes it easy for players who like traditional arcade games but not so easy for those who prefer a more Trials-style experience. If that’s not enough for you, there are also plenty of challenges to test your skills. 

The final word is on the matter! Who will survive? So it’s up to you – one of three selected survivors or your home. Choose wisely, as there are plenty of side-scrollers and puzzles in this game. Avoid paths that lead you off course, and make sure not to fall or hit your head on the way down. You can do that? Don’t worry, there are many tricks up your sleeve! Collect coins to buy items like tricky switches or potent ladders that come in handy at any given moment. If you manage to survive the game’s different stages without getting hurt, you will be rewarded with a ‘ps assistant’ which grants you special powers and abilities in battle against other players. Stack Rider is the world's most popular past-time, and it’s also one of the most seasoned players can struggle to come up with original and fun ways to spend their time.