Stack Colors

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How To Play: Stack Colors

Using Mouse

About Stack Colors

We adore it when mouse skill games and action games combine in awesome formats, like the game we want to invite you all to play today, called Stack Colors! It's a stacking game that's different from what you might expect when you hear about this genre, which is precisely why we hope none of you miss it at all.

With the mouse, you can move the cursor up and down, left and right, and up and down again. You must go gather the colored lines on the rails and stack them up to create the tallest tower possible.

As you pass through areas where your color changes, your stickman and tower will also change color as you attempt to collect the new color and grow larger.

The track will have different kinds of colors in later levels; stay away from them because running into them will cause the game to end! If you kick the tower enough and its components advance far enough, you will earn a lot of extra points. As you reach the speed boost at the finish, touch swiftly on it to obtain more power.