Slap & Run

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How To Play: Slap & Run

Instruction The controls are simple and addictive: just swipe left and right to move your character. Get close enough to a pedestrian and you’ll give them a big slap upside the face! Objective: Slap as many passengers as possible and run away without being caught - Win: The character reaches the end of the race without being stumbled by any obstacles or being caught - Loss: The character is caught by the other passengers or police that he has slapped or he is stumbled by an obstacle

About Slap & Run

Slap & Run is yet another exhilarating new running game that is totally in 3D and features obstacle courses and traps. In any other case, we wouldn't have shared it with you in the first place. We have all truly loved it from start to finish, and we are convinced that you will feel the same way.

In order to move through the colored stickmen and slap them around, you must use the mouse to drag your stickman figure through the path. When you do so, you gather the colored stickmen into your marching army, and the more of it you have at the conclusion of a level, the more points you will receive.

You can increase your score by hitting the man who is sitting at the end of a course and sending him as far as you can on the multipliers. Avoid losing too many stickmen because if you do and you hit one when you're alone, your character will die and you'll lose the game