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How To Play:

Using Mouse


In this chapter, you will learn about poke battles, how to prepare for them, and how to play them. poke battles are a form of tennis where two players take turns pitting their AI-controlled characters against each other in a battle royale type of experience. The goal is the same as any other tennis match: You win by forcing your opponent’s hand and knocking them out of the tournament. But with so many players (and different types of characters) in pokering, it’s not as simple as going up against an opponent with higher ratings or better equipment. You have to be sure that you’re putting your best paw forward. This means playing according to a set of rules that suit the AI-pokering environment you’ll be playing in. And pokering is just one example of how a character’s is: A battle royale game - but with only four characters. is one of the hottest games in town right now. It’s a fun, new way to spend your time. You can catch 'em all! Well, almost all of them. Because some people just can’t help themselves and they manage to get their hands on some of the rarest and most powerful pokemon on the planet. These are known as Legendary Pokes.