NOVA Covered Ops

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How To Play: NOVA Covered Ops

Instruction Controls: Aim with the V-pad.

About NOVA Covered Ops

In NOVA Covered Ops game you will be playing as a soldier, who was sent to the future in order to stop the destruction of mankind. You are about to take on a lot of challenges, but your biggest one has just begun. In nova covered ops, you get to play as a military commander, who has got to stop an alien invasion. Use various weapons and tactics against an overwhelming enemy force. The fate of the human race rests in your hands! Features: – Action packed shooting game with cool graphics – Awesome storyline with many quests and characters – Procedurally generated levels – Various weapons at your disposal (such as tanks, knives, guns…) - Hardcore gameplay - 7 different game modes: Normal Hardcore Insanely hard Novafied Survival Story mode Upgrade your character with various equipment New vehicles and enemies become available after each mission New tasks appear after each chapter - Do not forget to level up! levequestsgamelists Nova Covered is an action-packed shooter game in which you will control a soldier from the future who is sent back in time to prevent humanity from destroying itself.