Neon Cube Escape - story pixel avoid-em-up

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How To Play: Neon Cube Escape - story pixel avoid-em-up

Using Mouse

About Neon Cube Escape - story pixel avoid-em-up

Escape scenario. Save the people you love. The world is ending, the man behind it all is insane, and he's locked you in a cube. Pixel Avoid Em Up? game,jump, platformer, slowmo, pixelart, jumping, cube You have been trapped in a cube-shaped room for 10 years! Every single day the cube gets a little bit bigger until one day it's too big to fit in. From then on it’s only a matter of time before the whole thing caves in. But don’t worry! You are still alive and escape has not been impossible. Do your best and jump over obstacles while avoiding walls or ceilings that may cause an accident…or else you’ll just end up getting trapped again! neoncubewrong Upcoming result of the challenge "Neon Cube Escape Story" - neoncubewrong Elevate your platforming skills against an easy computer AI with Neon Cubes Elevate your platforming skills against an easy computer AI with Neon Cubes. A simple yet challenging puzzle game where you need to guide falling colored cubes or avoid them by matching three or more of the same color together safely without bumping into any walls or ceilings. If you like playing retro side-scrolling action games with unique physics-based puzzles mixed with challenging boss fights and challenging difficulty levels, then this game is for you!

Escape your room before it is too late! Avoid the trapped cubes and solve the challenging puzzles in order to escape. Collect colored power-ups to get through tough levels. Use your skills as a pixel artist and make it out of this scary cube dungeon alive! Neon Cube Escape Story Pixel Avoid Em Up,game,jump, horrorfiction, challenge, platformer, slowmo, pixelart, jumping, cube, horror This game is not finished yet. Help the ghostly Pixel to escape her terrible nightmarish world by collecting all of her scattered pieces of Peelable Wall art. 

Une histoire d'éponge pour les fans de Neon Cube Escape Story. Vous êtes un jeune homme, perdu dans la nature, et vous avez la peau sombre. Des obstacles inaccessibles surgissent de l'obscurité pour vous entraîner dans une spirale infernale. Vos défenses se mettent au pas, votre instinct de survie se dissipe et vous croupissez à jamais dans les ténèbres. Alors que le son des sirènes annonce la fin du jour, ceux qui ont franchi l'Eden retrouveront enfin la mais comment ?