Merge And Invade

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How To Play: Merge And Invade

Using Mouse

About Merge And Invade

You're invited to play the entertaining game Merge And Invade, in which you must assemble a sizable army of hundreds of warriors! The guidelines are quite basic. Take characters you find along the route and place them where they belong to help your base camp develop and grow.
Play the role of the King of a new, undefended kingdom and, with some effort and good training, amass a strong army. Avoid allowing hostile forces to overrun your kingdom and breach the castle walls while taking pleasure in defending your life and the lives of your people.

Players in this game must gather more soldiers by merging the initial few that they start with. This is accomplished by simply tapping on two identical soldiers to combine them into one stronger soldier. The objective is to assemble as many soldiers as you can and send them to battle against the army of the red stickman. Players must carefully plan their strategies in order to win each battle because the game is difficult. To send their forces into battle in the most efficient manner possible, they must take into account both the strengths and weaknesses of their soldiers as well as the structure of the battlefield.