Kung Fu Sparrow

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How To Play: Kung Fu Sparrow

Using Mouse

About Kung Fu Sparrow

An ant by the name of Tom is skilled in kung fu. One day, the villainous brothers of our hero broke into his home. You must assist Kung Fu Sparrow in fighting them in this brand-new, thrilling online game. A number of cables will be stretched out in the air in front of you on the screen. Your protagonist will be seated on one of them. The opposition will be far away from him. Your hero will have to engage in combat and you will control his actions. They can be knocked unconscious by striking them. You will receive Kung Fu Sparrow game points for each opponent you defeat.

Kung Fu Sparrow, which we are now introducing to our audience, is one of the most unusual fighting games online that we have seen in a while. This is true not only because it features birds, which is already unusual in and of itself, but also because the gameplay is kung fu-inspired and the birds sit on ropes. Let's go through it in more detail right away so you can start having fun!