Idle Miner Space Rush

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How To Play: Idle Miner Space Rush

Using Mouse

About Idle Miner Space Rush

In the future, humanity has spread to the edges of the solar system. We have colonies on Mars and a space station in orbit around the Earth. People no longer live in cities or villages. Instead, we have cities that are densely populated and mostly self-sufficient. These settlements are known as "Idle Miner" cities. When I say "Idle Miner" I don't just mean that they don't have any jobs. Idle Mining is a full-time job, like mining for gold or working at a mine. In some Idle Miner games you can become an idle miner and make a living from it. But in other games it's just a hobby where you play space exploration games or shoot aliens with guns. In this game you play as one of four different pilots who have been recruited by the government to go to another planet and discover its natural resources so they can be used to support humans there instead of being sent back to Earth where they belong.

What do you get when you take an idle miner, add in some space travel and a dash of James Bond-style action? You get ‘Space Rush’ by Aspyr. Idle Miner Space Rush is the game that launched my love for space exploration games. It had everything I wanted from an amazing space adventure game: great production values, unique characters and a sense of danger. It also had a great sense of humor which made it even more enjoyable. The story is simple: you are an idle miner on the outer edges of starships mining for valuable resources. When your mining ship malfunctions, it causes one of the minerals to spill out into space leading to other ships looking to capture them for their own gain. There are bounty hunters and pirates both who will do anything to try and collect that mineral and become the most profitable player in this new market. 

Are you a space miner looking to get your name in the history books? Race against the clock as you explore the mines and discover precious minerals. Collecting these minerals will give you a chance to start your own mining company. Use your mining skills to explore an asteroid field and collect its valuable resources. As you make your way through each level, use your minescope to scan for minerals that are hidden in the asteroids. Use this information to proceed through each level and avoid dangerous asteroids.