Gold Tower Defense

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How To Play: Gold Tower Defense

Using Mouse

About Gold Tower Defense

Are you a real tower defense lover? Do you like to analyze different versions of the same game and try out different strategies? If so, this game is for you! Tower Defense games are some of the most popular strategy Gold Tower Defense out there. In fact, there are currently over 15,000 games in the category alone! In this addictive tower defense game, you have to take control of one of 3 different factions as they build their towers to defend their territory from invading enemies. To do this, you must strategically place your towers in order to destroy incoming waves of monsters. You can buy new towers that increase your score or upgrade existing ones to increase their attack power and durability. The up-front cost might be high at first, but by spending real-world money on better equipment, you will be able to eliminate more creatures and secure a higher score.