Stumble Guys

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How To Play: Stumble Guys

Instruction WASD controls direction movement, and space controls jumping

About Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys is a game developed by Kitka Games and was first released on February 12, 2021. It is an entertaining, fun action game with similar gameplay to Fall guys. The game allows the number of players to be up to 32 and compete directly in 1 play. The players will have to overcome all the challenges along the way. The only and last survivor will win.

this is a version designed for the browser, which you can play anywhere, no need to install it, you can start playing anywhere, on your computer, on your phone, on a computer board.

What's the difference with the android version?

The main difference comes from the game's simple graphics, and simple characters, but the way to personalize the character is still extremely attractive.

The music is different but full of fun, bringing back a sense of nostalgia for the games of the 90s.

The game screen design is extremely creative, similar to the original version, the obstacles are intelligently arranged to prevent players, and the level is increasingly difficult. The first level requires the player's agility, you need to master the speed and navigate your character through the fastest obstacle to get to the next round. In the 2nd challenge, which is the memorization challenge, the skill is no longer important in this challenge, you need to remember the place and be there at the right time.

There are many challenges ahead that you need to discover on your own, the game is interesting enough for you to love and play with your friends.

Introduction of Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys has the same gameplay bug as FALL GUYS but with a slightly smaller player size. Similar to Fall Guys, the multiplayer knockout game pits players against one another in a succession of bright obstacle courses until only one player is left. It also offers a number of personalization possibilities. The players will start and have to avoid obstacles along the way.

The game will start with 32 players but only 16 players will make it to the next round. To be 1 of those 16 as soon as the timer counts down to 1, you must immediately race. Later rounds of the game will have decreasing difficulty with randomly selected challenges. However, there will be exclusionary challenges. If you want a chance to be a winner you have to be a survivor of those games. After the end of the first round, there will be 8 players to play in the final round. They will have to compete with each other to find the only winner.

Tips to play Stumble Guys better

Before playing, players can learn through the gameplay as well as the challenges on the game screen through videos on Youtube. Thereby players will have more experience and more chances of winning. However, this may affect first-time players' experience.

Although many players have been playing for a long time, they don't know that double-jumping can help you slide forward or fly face down. This move will make it easier for you to overcome obstacles. However, you can't do it in the mud.

Don't carefully consider the directions. Sometimes you don't need to cross the bridge because that's where there are often many obstacles and opponents. Look and find another way. It may be further away, but it will be safer. With slightly muddy loops, you should also go the other way, it will be a lot easier than going in the mud.

How to relax with the game?

As stressful events become more common, it's important to find ways to manage your stress levels so you can stay healthy. One way to relax is to play Stumble Guys with friends or family members. By taking turns focusing on the game instead of worrying, you can reduce your stress and anxiety levels. In addition to helping you relax, playing board games can also help you socialize with new people. So not only will you feel better physically, but you will also have fun and make new friends! Playing board games is a great way to relax and blow off steam, so don't hesitate to give it a try!


With colorful backgrounds and diverse challenges, funny characters, and obstacles, the game has attracted a lot of plays. Although it has the same error as Fall Guys, the game has selected and planned inherited, and developed many interesting elements from the original, becoming a cool copy of Fall Guys. In short, this is a fun action game that will bring you and your friends and family moments of great entertainment.