Galactic War

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How To Play: Galactic War

Using Mouse

About Galactic War

Galactic War. It's a turn-based strategy game that focuses on galactic warfare. You will experience an intense battle where every single unit plays a crucial role. From Starcraft to Age of Empires, strategy games have been around for many years now. What sets This game apart from other strategy games is the immersive and interactive nature of the gameplay. You will literally feel like you are actually fighting in a starfleet tactical war against the backdrop of our galaxy. The game takes place in a vast universe with different planets to explore, species to fight and nations to dominate. Control space forces, hunt down enemy fleets and strike back at them with ground troops or your super weapon. 

The This amazing game has begun! You are one of the last star systems standing against the encroaching darkness. The forces of Chaos have come to claim your world, and you must fight them to the final star system. Build up your army, research new technologies, and prepare for battle. This is a turn-based strategy game that involves combat and diplomacy. The This game is a real-time strategy game set in the galaxy. You take on the role of one of five factions as they fight for control of space and dominance in the galactic war. Choose from one of six different races, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Engage in combat with enemies both in space and on the ground. 

Enter the Galactic War, a universe where sides play the galactic war. The galactic war is a conflict with many players. Each side wants to control the galaxy and its resources. The objective of the game is to be the first to conquer 5 planets and launch an attack on the final planet controlled by your enemy. It's a strategy game based on real-world military tactics.