Fall Beans

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How To Play: Fall Beans

Using Mouse

About Fall Beans

Everyone knows the story of The Little Red Hen. In Fall Beans game, you play as the Red Hen and try to collect all the scattered corn cobs in the barn so you can make your delicious cornbread. Unfortunately, none of your friends are willing to help you with that. But that’s not going to stop you! Jump over obstacles and avoid dangerous things like falling beehives, spider webs, and snakes. Red Bean is a simple one-player arcade game with dynamic graphics and easy gameplay. Press left or right to move your character around the screen. Watch out for dangers and jump over them when possible! Every time you finish a level successfully, another one appears above it where new challenges await. If you fail to meet the requirements at any point, simply press ‘END’ or ‘NEW GAME’ to restart from that stage again. Good

It is the time of Halloween once again and this time, it is all about the creepy crawlers that come out to play in the chilly weather. In the game of Runaway Beans, you need to help these sneaky little green guys in their quest to escape the witch’s wrath by making sure they don’t fall off any ledges or lose their footing while running away from her. It sounds like a simple premise, but trust us when we say that things get very challenging soon enough! 

Get ready for an awesome adventure with the cutest runner in the world of beans! This game is filled with challenging levels and colorful graphics. In Fall Beans game, you will be running to escape from the angry giant who is trying to catch you because he wants to eat you. In each level, your objective is to find and collect as many Golden Beans as possible while avoiding getting caught by the giant. With every level that you complete, there will be more challenging obstacles and traps that can stop you from getting away from the giant.