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How To Play: Dust

Using Mouse

About Dust

You are a virus that has infected the Internet. You have mutated into a cybernetic, air-breathing space dust buster. Your job is to clean the Internet by destroying websites that are associated with evil and spam. If you succeed in cleaning the internet, the world will be a better place. This Dust is an extensive adrenaline-pumping 3D action shooting game in which you play as a space dust buster that must destroy enemy spaceships and prevent them from weaponizing space junk so they could attack Earth. Destroy as many of the enemy ships as possible to win! This game features:

  • 10 levels of endlessly challenging gameplay - Realistic physics engine with detailed damage effects
  • 4 different weapons types to use against your enemies (including a unique minesweeper weapon)
  • Over 100 levels of gameplay spread across 5 worlds with their own unique environments - Multiplayer deathmatch mode for up to 8 players over local wireless or online via Game Center Leaderboards Live updates:
  • Weekly updates with new levels, graphics, weapons and other content

LaserGuys is a 3D action-strategy game in which you must use your lasso, laser and explosive tagged robots to take out the LaserSappers that are trying to steal your gold.