Crowd Pusher

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How To Play: Crowd Pusher

Using Mouse

About Crowd Pusher

You are a secret agent in a top-secret facility! You are the only one who knows how to destroy this place… by pushing people into the incinerator, on their way out! Sounds easy? So let’s get started and put your skills to the test! The more you push people into the incinerator, the higher your score will be. Stay alert as these agents will try anything to trick you and escape! Be careful with all these civilians coming in and out, or risk getting caught and blowing your cover. But most importantly don’t get caught by those pesky cameras around. If they see you pushing someone into the incinerator, they’ll shut down that exit for 15 seconds next time. 

Crowd Pusher is the new trend for mobile game developers and users. With this new game experience, players only spend a few minutes completing each level - without feeling like it! If you are not familiar with the term "Hyper Casual" as applied to video games, think of it as a hybrid between puzzle games and arcade games. They tend to be very fast-paced with extremely simple mechanics but can still be challenging at times. The objective of most Hyper casual games is to keep the player coming back for more by making each level slightly harder than the

Crowd Pusher is a fast-paced, arcade-style game with a stick-to-your-fingers quality. If you remember being enthralled by the “Crazy Arcade” games in the local mall or bowling alley, and want a modern reprise of that experience, read on… This is not hyper casual to play, but it is one of the fastest growing new genres of mobile games. The top hypercasual game is called a “Crowd Pusher” game, with other names like “Battle Run” and “Hit Adventure” being common. These games grow in popularity thanks to their simplicity and challenging gameplay.

Crowd Pusher is the hottest new trend in mobile gaming! It’s a game type that can be played with little to no time commitment. In other words, it’s the perfect kind of game to play when you only have a few minutes to spare.