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How To Play:

Controls Move your astronaut through the map using W A S D keys Push players by pressing E Jump by clicking the space bar Look around by moving your mouse


The term astrology comes from two Greek words: astro, meaning sky, and dradi, meaning to work at an art or craft. With its roots in ancient Greece and India, astrology has been a popular form of personal expression for many people for thousands of years. Today, there are plenty of websites that offer free information about everything from modern day astrology to the origins of Pythagoras and Plato. While some may seem like just another source of entertainment or rummage sale gossip, other sites have a deeper insight into our world and perhaps even provide you with some insight on how it works. Here are 10 websites that offer great insight into our world as we know

You become a part of the fun and shows like Dr. Demento are what makes it so special. is one of the few shows where you can listen to every word that comes out of each character’s mouth without worrying about how they might be offended. The Dr. Demento show is one of the most popular stand-up comedy specials on television and has been produced many times over the years. It has a very unique style that fits in perfectly with different types of comedy genres. 

In the heart of the bustling city of New York City, there is a terrestrial wonderland that is being explored. A world that few outside of the know-it-all scientific world have ever been able to visit. Eaglecrest National Park is a small remote island in the middle of the East River on Long Island. It has an amazing variety of flora and fauna, including rare species previously only discovered in other places. Visitors can go bird-watching, swim with dolphins or even dive into the famous Red Sea. But for those who love to travel and explore new places with new people, it’s one of nature’s most beautiful spots. 

While back home in the I’ve been attending a little private science club that shares a space with a local high school. We have our own computer lab, and we connect people who share interests and participate in various projects here at the club. Working with other students on a project can be challenging, but it’s also way more fun than being alone for hours on end. In this blog post, you will learn about playing games with people via headphones, as well as how to make your own audio games from scratch.