2 Player Battle Car Racing

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How To Play: 2 Player Battle Car Racing

Using Mouse

About 2 Player Battle Car Racing

What's new in version -Bug fixes What's new in version 2 Player Battle Car Racing! Race against your friends or the computer in this intense two- channel racer. Crash into each other to trigger weapons, and drive as fast as you can to rack up the fastest time. -New game features: Unlock more cars for each stage, and earn points for ranking among friends in the world rankings. -Rewards: Get coins by crashing into your opponents, or buy boosts from the shop that give you an unfair advantage over your friends. -Income Distribution System (IDS): Get more money by winning races, or buy powerful upgrades at a cheaper cost through the shop. New update is available now! What's new in version 1 You'll love this addictive racing game! You drive one of five different race cars featuring different power plants and a variety of different designs and performance characteristics. Your job is to win races by crashing into other drivers or specially designed walls with special patterns or shortcuts that lead to victory tracks. The higher the score you achieve, the more points you will accrue per crash and per race (including bonus points). 

Set in the fictional world of Drift Mode, this is a racing game where you and up to three friends take to the track in a battle car. Drive your racecar at high speed around a variety of circuits, staying within the confines of the track according to time limit or race mode. You are given coins as a result of which you can buy upgrades for your car or purchase new cars for your team. Each player gets their own battle car, which comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. 

Get ready to pit and drive your 2 Player Battle Car Racing game on the world’s most famous race tracks. This physics based driving game will challenge you with fast cars, extreme environments and even crazier racers.